Details of the Samsung Q2 UMPC emerge

The Samsung Q1 was the first UMPC to hit the market and is probably the most popular model available. After seeing the details of the new Samsung Q2 UMPC, my Q1 will be up for sale shortly so I can pick this one up instead. The Q2 has native 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution, a unique QWERTY thumb keyboard, two integrated cameras, a larger 60GB hard drive, and a faster Intel CPU along with many other new and upgraded features. It still sports the multimedia powerhouse functions and has just about everything you could need, but integrated GPS.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Samsung was the first out of the gate in the new UMPC category with the Q1 device that was released last May. I bought one soon after the release and have used it quite a bit on short business trips, but it looks like I will soon be parting ways with my trusty Q1. No, I am not getting rid of it because it is broken or anything, but I just saw details of a Samsung Q2 on Engadget and find the native 1024 x 600 WSVGA resolution, unique QWERTY thumb keyboard, integrated cameras, larger 60GB hard drive, and Intel CPU to be major updates to my existing device. Engadget was sent a PowerPoint presentation with some great details and photos so check them out and see what you think of this new device.

Samsung Q2 UMPC

Credit: Engadget.com

The Samsung Q2 has not been officially announced so some of these specs may not be final when the device is released. The guys at GottaBeMobile.com did spot the Samsung Q2 UMPC on a Samsung page showing CeBIT ads so mayb we will see the Q2 officially announced this month.

The Q2 is rumored to include Bluetooth 2.0, 802.11 b/g WiFi, HSDPA, and WiBro wireless support. There are two digital cameras, one VGA model for video conferencing and the other 1.3 megapixel model for taking photos. The Q2 come loaded with Vista Home Premium. The photos show that the Q2 has not lost that multimedia touch with dual stereo speakers, dual array mics, and AVS Now functionality. The CF slot has been replaced by the more popular SD slot and the model in the photos also has a DMB antenna, which I don't think will be on the U.S. model. It looks like the navigation buttons have been seriously overhauled and I personally think this looks like the best UMPC out there and now just need to find one in stock.

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