DHL leverages off web

DHL leverages heavily on the Web to do business in the 21st century, with services for clients and partners alike.
Written by Thomas Chen, Contributor

DHL Worldwide Express is going heavily electronic, it seems. According to Colum Joyce, the company's Electronic Commerce strategy manager, the company now has a vision to make DHL "not only synonymous with international air express, but also with e-commerce-facilitated trade, distribution and business information."

Over 40% of DHL's business worldwide is currently being conducted on-line, according to a company released statement.

Its list of e-related services is certainly impressive enough. Aside from linking up EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between its key customers and customs authorities and offering a shipment tracking service right over the Internet, the air express service also spots a spectrum of services including websites, eTrack, Webship, DHL Connect, IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition), SMS-Track and WAP services.

As for its key customers, the company goes a step further to devise "proprietary solutions... tightly integrating DHL into the supply chain strategies and the overall commercial objectives of the customer's business."

The air express giant, which has been named "Best Express Service" for 14 consecutive years by Asian Freight Industry Awards, looks set to keep up its strategy of e-expansion by adding a new web-site to its list of products. DHLMasterclass.com promises to help small and medium enterprises make the transition to e-business by sharing the company's own experience.

As Joyce concluded in the statement, "the advent of information technology has radically changed the way we do business and shaped the marketplace. Knowledge is a most critical factor to a company's survival in the fast-changing new economy. Timely capture of useful information and making that available to customers is of utmost importance. DHL will continue to invest significantly in this area and push the boundaries to provide innovative solutions for customers' evolving needs."

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