Did marketing doom the UMPC?

UMPC devices are full blown Windows computers in a small slate form factor and can be a valuable tool for mobile workers. James talks about the poor marketing strategy and why people may want to consider one anyway. If you have any interest in portable computers then check out the article and see if a UMPC is for you.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Samsung Q1 UMPC
I carry a Samsung Q1 UMPC around with me and it is my traveling companion on business trips. Many people question the UMPC utility and I think James Kendrick did an excellent job of explaining How Microsoft Botched Marketing The Ultra-Mobile PC -- And Why You Might Want To Buy One Anyway in his new Information Week article. The Origami was hyped in the online community and doesn't appear to have lived up to its blown-up expectations. Then after the launch there really has been very little marketing of the fact that these UMPC devices are full slate Tablet PCs. Then again, Microsoft really hasn't done a very good job of marketing Tablet PCs either. James answers the question of why not just go with a PDA instead of a UMPC and much more in this excellent article that may have you thinking about a UMPC for Christmas.
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