DigiSAFE pits itself against security criminals

Story contributed by John Chua,online editor, Webnewz.IN today's Internet-enabled economy, almost no one is safe from the prying eyes of hackers and criminal elementswhose business is to break into your systems.
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Story contributed by John Chua, online editor, Webnewz.

IN today's Internet-enabled economy, almost no one is safe from the prying eyes of hackers and criminal elements whose business is to break into your systems. One company that is doing the reverse, securing the corporate data and information from unwelcome intruders is DigiSAFE.

The company focuses on Internet, e-commerce and Network-based security products and services. It provides complete solutions to anyone who wants to have secure transactions via the Internet whether it is through private or public networks.

DigiSAFE dial-up encryptors come with built-in modems, ISDN and link encryptors serving 33.6Kbps to 2 Mbps lines. These devices aid in providing secure data transfer over point-to-point links.

"Where the physical infrastructures are not that well developed, for example in certain parts of South America or the Middle East, then our sales would probably be on the encryptor side," said David Yan, general manager at DigiSAFE Singapore.

To maximise the benefits of having the right security set up, Yan recommends that the customer first look at their existing physical set-up before deciding on the product to purchase. "In more developed areas, where the IT infrastructure is more mature, for example in Australia, then we would look at securing the Internet," added Yan.

DigiSAFE NetProtect is one such product that can handle the security needs of any company doing business over the Internet. NetProtect is a full-featured Access Control plus VPN software. It combines standard-based tunnelling encryption and firewall technologies with user-friendly management tools.

"The e-commerce security concept is a convergence of all the security technologies available," said Benjamin Lee, IT security consultant at DigiSAFE. "We are ICSA certified and our products have met stringent requirements. Apart from e-mail-based products like PGP that focuses on the application level, our products target at the infrastructure level which requires slightly higher levels of security," he said.

DigiSAFE has a whole gamut of security solutions targeted at different needs. For example, the Big Bouncer is a VPN plus Firewall appliance. Users can use it to create Intranets, Extranets, multi-party VPNs and secure virtual private links to mobile users while ensuring the confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of the data being exchanged across these various platforms.

If there is no security, there is no e-business, related Yan. He further added that there is now a worldwide consortium of companies working to resolve the issue of security pertaining to networking and Internet-based commerce.

"There are not many companies out there that carries such a wide range of products," said Mark Chan, senior vice-president of operations. Commenting on the situation in the United States where cryptographic products are still classified as munitions and subject to strict export controls, Chan said, "As far as the hardware controls are concerned, there are still some very rigid controls. DigiSAFE will abide by all export restrictions and regulations."

DigiSAFE is a Singapore Technologies company. In its local office, the company has 6 PhDs focusing on research.

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