Dimension Data releases cloud service benchmarks

Wondering whether your company should use one of the lesser known cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings? The global IT services company puts its offering to the test.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

It's got to be tough fighting the name-brand recognition of the biggest cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) providers. So, global IT solutions and services firm Dimension Data recently commissioned a study by benchmarking firm, The Tolly Group, to compare its offering with those of several other venerable options.

As you might expect because I'm writing about it, Dimension Data's public cloud service, officially branded as the Public Compute-as-a-Service fares just fine, thank you, when compared with the other services that were tested: IBM Smartcloud, Amazon Web Services and Rackspace Cloud.

According to the Dimension Data-sponsored research, its service boasted consistently fast processing times, better memory performance, faster file access when measuring average transactions per second on a local disk, and better bidirectional network throughput.

The benchmark tested the same set of Web and application servers running on three different cloud configurations: a "small" setup (1 virtual CPU plus 2 gigabytes of RAM); a "medium" one (2 vCPUs and 4 gigabytes of RAM) and a "large" installation (4 vCPU and 8 gigabytes of RAM).

Keep in mind that this test was sponsored, but it was run by an independent testing firm that uses industry-standard methodologies. So it is bound to include relevant data for businesses evaluating public cloud service options. "Across the board, Dimension Data's solution illustrated significant performance benefits among the solutions tested," said Kevin Tolly, founder of The Tolly Group, in a statement about the research.

The full results are detailed in the benchmark report

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