#DisrupTV: The disruption of higher ed and customer loyalty

Marni Baker Stein and Phil Komarny of The University of Texas on how UT is disrupting itself; Kevin Nix of Stellar Loyalty explains why customer loyalty doesn't work.
Written by Ray Wang, Contributor

When it comes to technology advancements and disruption, what better place to start than in college? The face of the student is changing, and with technology impacting nearly every job and every individual, it's time to rethink the traditional learning curriculum. The University of Texas's Phil Komarny and Marni Baker Stein, chief digital officer and chief innovation officer respectively, joined DisrupTV to discuss the University's initiatives that promote disruption in higher education.

UT's Institute for Transformational Learning was formed in 2012 with the goal to answer the questions around influence, accessibility and affordability. Their team is focused on a student-centric approach to tear down the typical semester, four-year degree, mid-term tests, goals and achievements normally found in colleges and universities. They are piloting programs that offer personalized experiences based on data collected from each student, which will enable him/her to move at his/her own pace while in school. The data analysis also helps the schools better understand what's working in order to fine-tune programs and promote the best success rates for students at any stage of the education track.

DisrupTV also met with Kevin Nix, CEO of Stellar Loyalty to discuss the problem with customer loyalty programs: they don't really guarantee loyalty.

Kevin explained that customers are inundated with too many emails, terrible marketing campaigns, spam and bad loyalty programs--but you already knew that. Many companies are approaching loyalty the wrong way.

Stellar Loyalty helps companies to think about the brand from a consumer's perspective.

Imagine being able to walk into a store, such as Starbucks, get an option to order your specialized drink, an alert that your favorite muffin is in stock, a process to easily pay and pick it up without even waiting in the line... this can be a reality with a thoughtfully programmed loyalty app.

While technology is not at this level yet, it will be there soon with the internet of things. You get loyal customers not by points and gimmicks, but by the customer service and experience that drives a customer to want to spread their like (or dislike) by word of mouth.

Skip to the interview with Kevin Nix at 36:37.

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