DNA Day webcast helps inform students about biotech

"Genomics: Towards a Healthier You:" Not your father's industry education film.
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor
Teachers and students can celebrate the discovery of DNA on April 25, by logging on to a webcast called "Genomics: Towards a Healthier You," produced by the National Human Genome Research Insitiute. The webcast and live chat are part of a larger outreach project to celebrate National DNA Day, commemorating the completion of the Human Genome Project and the 50th anniversary of the double helix in 1953. Fifty-five genomic "ambassadors" will visit schools during the month of April and the first week of May to talk to students about their interests in science and genetics and significance of National DNA Day.
"The large amount of data being generated by genomics research is creating numerous opportunities for a new generation of students trained in everything from molecular biology to computer science to bioethics," said Vence Bonham, chief of NHGRI's Education and Community Involvement Branch. "National DNA Day allows students to learn from real-life genome researchers how they can join in the effort to use genomics to improve human health."

"This is a wonderful opportunity for our researchers to engage students in our community and get them excited about pursuing careers in genetic and genomic research," said Tim Hunter, manager of the Vermont Cancer Center DNA Analysis Facility and UVM Microarray Facility at the University of Vermont.

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