Do Google Apps really trump Nintendo Wii and Apple TV?

Do Google Apps Reallt Trump Nintendo Wiiand Apple TV?
Written by Donna Bogatin, Contributor

Google baked itself a luscious cake Friday to give itself a rich pat on the back, and is showing off its self-indulgence to the world.

Why is Google so proud of itself? In sugar-laden frosting, Google announces Google Apps is #1!

Google even flaunts that Apps is a "winner" over Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, and the Slingbox Pro, and has the proof, so Google believes.

Kevin Gough, Apps point man, at the public Google Enterprise blog on why Google wants to: "Have our cake...and eat it to":

On Friday at our company-wide TGIF, we celebrated PC World naming Google Apps Premier Edition #1 on their list of The 100 Best Products of 2007. Google Apps beat out the Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, and the Slingbox Pro, further reinforcing the convergence between business and consumer technology. Internally, Google Apps is a collaboration between Google enterprise and consumer teams. It's great to see that it's paying off.

The Google chef apparently got his or her recipes mixed up. The PC World "honor," is not one with much "meat" to it, as I analyzed when it was announced last month.

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Just as Google does not seem to be paying much attention to what Google Apps users are really saying about Google Apps, Google does not seem to have paid attention to what PC World actually said about Google Apps!

How does PC World back-up its Google Apps is Number One claim? By pointing to a February review by Harry McCracken which itemizes all the reasons organizations ”aren’t going to switch to Google Apps”!Who needs Google Apps reasons cited by PC World include: NOT for power users, NOT for companies proprietary about their data...Even Google's own rationale for Google Apps presents as a double edged Apps sword, touting its desire for a Googley consumerization of the enterprise.

Do enterprises really want consumer weight applications in the enterprise?

Despite Google's belief, "we're all Google consumers" is not a guaranteed enterprise crowd-pleaser, as I reported and analyzed from the recent Enterprise Search conference in New York City.

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