Do smart meters pose health risks?

Concerns over electromagnetic radiation and radio waves have prompted the town of Fairfax, Calif., to try to delay a local smart meter installation by Pacific Gas & Electric.
Written by Heather Clancy, Contributor

Compelling article over at the Treehugger blog site about a movement in Fairfax, Calif., (north of the San Francisco Bay area) that aims to put the kibosh on a smart meter project that was planned for this summer.

One motivation for the proposed delay is the town council's concern that smart meters could pose a health risk similar to the debate over cell tower base stations. Its the whole electromagnetic radiation and radio wave argument all over again. There's also the human stress factor: Fairfax is concerned that smart meters equal fewer jobs for human meter readers and that they will boost energy bills. Both, of course, would stress out local residents.

Just more evidence that it will take much longer to get any kind of smart grid in place than all of us can imagine, not just for technology reasons but for cultural factors.

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