Do you need a Facebook account to sign up to Spotify?

No Facebook account, no Spotify account.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer

Several readers have been hitting me up with this question:

Can you sign up for Spotify without Facebook? I tried signing up but couldn't fina a way to do it without having a Facebook account. Any ideas.

So, do you need a Facebook account to sign up for a Spotify account? Well, here's what I see when I click on the 'Sign Up' button:

So, it seems that you either need a Facebook account, or you need to sign up for a Facebook. If you're not willing to do that, you're stuffed.

The requirement to have a Facebook account has been confirmed by a Spotify representative here.

I'veheard a lot of voodoo from a few people who claim that they can see alternative ways to create new accounts on Spotify that don't involve Facebook but I've tried them all (using a number of different connections and proxies) and I ALWAYS end up on the Facebook logon screen as shown above.

If a reader can find a reliable, repeatable way to create a Spotify account without having a Facebook account, let me know!

Note: If you have an existing Spotify account you can continue to sign in using your existing Spotify credentials.

Would you be willing to sign up to Facebook in order to have an account elsewhere?

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