Docker for Microsoft's Azure hits public beta

Docker for Azure is now available for public beta testing. Here's what's new since the private beta launched in June.

After six months in private beta, Docker is now available as a public beta for Microsoft's Azure.


The public beta on Azure comes a week after Docker's public beta on Amazon's AWS, according to a December 12 Docker blog post.

Microsoft and Docker announced the private beta of Docker for Azure at DockerCon 2016 in June. Docker added some new functionality during the private beta, including storing all container logs in an Azure storage account for later retrieval and inspection, and the inclusion of a built-in diagnostic tool to allow users to submit a swarm-wide diagnostic dump to Docker for Azure swarm.

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According to the Docker for Azure release notes (dated December 9), the Docker Engine at the heart of this release is 1.13.0 RC2.

"Docker for AWS and Azure currently only support Linux-based swarms of managers and workers. Windows Server worker support will come as Docker on Windows Server matures," Docker's blog post says.

Documentation and beta sign up is available at

Docker is an open source engine that automates application deployment. Docker uses containers, in lieu of virtual machines, to enable multiple applications to be run at once on the same server.

Since June 2014, Microsoft has made it possible for users to run Docker apps on Linux on Azure. More recently, Microsoft has partnered with Docker to bring Docker support to Windows Server.

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