Domino's puts pizza on Web

Food and beverage outlet unveils its delivery tracking system for customers in Malaysia and Singapore to track each step of their pizza delivery in real-time.
Written by Liau Yun Qing, Contributor

SINGAPORE--Pizza chain Domino's Pizza has launched a real-time delivery tracking system for its customers in Malaysia and Singapore, allowing them to check on their delivery orders.

In a Tuesday press briefing, Ba U Shan-Ting, chief operating officer of Domino's Pizza Singapore, announced the rollout of the tracking services, which is now available on its Malaysia and Singapore Web sites.

GPS Tracker, short for "Great Pizza Service" Tracker, is an online portal that lets customers know if their pizza is being prepared, baked, boxed, packed or already on its way, Ba U said. The service does not actually tap GPS (global positioning system) technology.

The Web service, paired with Domino's Pizza's 30-minute delivery promise, aims to offer better customer service by providing greater insight into the progress of their pizza order allowing them to better manage their time before it is delivered, he added.

The tracking system was previously available only internally and was used at the end of the day for self-assessment by staff to review where improvements could be made.

With the drop in bandwidth prices, Ba U said the time was right to roll out the real-time service to both its customers and call centers.

Using GPS Tracker, the call centers are now able to track each order and respond to any hiccups noticed in the order stages by alerting the outlet staff as well as the customers.

While the United States, Australia and Japan already sport similar systems, the tracker available here was developed by Malaysia-based Insoft. The developer also created the call center software and point-of-sale system for the local pizza chain franchisee.

According to Ba U, the rollout signals Domino's Pizza's desire to be seen as a tech-forward food and beverage company, adding that technology fits perfectly into the franchise's delivery business model.

He was unable to provide a figure on the investment sunk in, but pointed out that this was a continuation of the company's development.

Singaporeans tops for online orders
Singapore customers have been very receptive of its online ordering service, said Ba U. In just six months after Domino's Pizza reopened here, online orders have comprised up to 25 percent of total sales.

While the Australian market notably shares a similar percentage of orders made online, Ba U pointed out that the continent is a mature market and that Domino's Pizza has been established there much longer.

The pizza company said its service in Malaysia chalks up about 8 to 10 percent for online orders.

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