Don't envy the ENVI. GM re-VOLTing other brands

Chrysler won't build electric car after all. GM will use VOLT tech for other brands.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Fiat/Chrysler’s new leaders are scrapping the ENVI electric car program. Last year Chrysler planned putting 50,000 electric vehicles on the road. That was before Chrysler sold itself to Fiat during the Detroit automaker meltdown. You can see a video report on that decision here.

Meanwhile, GM's looking to make the electric VOLT design and technology pay off. The corporation is reportedly going to begin building the Cadillac Converj by 2013. It will be an upscaled VOLT which is the Chevy electric due to launch in about a year.

And GM seems to be stuck with the Opel division in Europe, so they've decided to use VOLT technology to build an Opel plug-in there, the Ampera. Ampera, amp, electric car...get it?

Here's the Ampera website, auf English.

Europeans will get their first chance to buy either the Opel Ampera or the Chevy Volt in 2011.

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