DOT: Vista? No thanks.

There is no compelling reason to upgrade and a number of problems and costs, so Vista is banned until further notice.
Written by Richard Koman, Contributor

The Department of Transportation says upgrading to Windows Vista makes no business sense, Information Week reports.

The agency has an "indefinite moratorium" on upgrades because "there appears to be no compelling technical or business case for upgrading," CIO Daniel Mintz says in a Jan. 19 staff memo obtained by InformationWeek. In addition, there are "specific reasons not to upgrade," he says, referring to compatibility with software apps, upgrade costs, and an upcoming move to a new headquarters. The ban applies to 15,000 DOT computer users who now use Windows XP Professional. The memo indicates that a similar ban is in effect at the Federal Aviation Administration, which has 45,000 desktop users.

CTO Tim Schmidt said the department is considerng Novell SUSe Linux and even Apple products as an alternative.

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