Driver's licences to go digital in South Australia

In October, South Australians will be able to keep a digital version of their driver's licence on their smartphones.
Written by Tas Bindi, Contributor

South Australians will have the option to hold digital driver's licences starting next month, the state government announced last week.

The digital licences will be available in the mySA GOV smartphone app, developed by Appviation and launched in May.

The app presents driver's licenses in real-time, with expired or suspended licences showing a large orange or red bar at the bottom.

It also has a "shake to animate" feature to show the licence is not a photo or a screenshot.

The app generates a one-time barcode, which refreshes every 30 seconds, to prevent counterfeit licences from being used. Anyone, including pubs and clubs, can scan the licences to ensure they are genuine.

The SA government claims "extensive" security testing has been conducted to ensure personal data is not accessible to outside parties.

The system is already in use for proof-of-age cards, boat licences, land agent and land sales representative registrations, and vehicle registrations.

The government, however, still encourages users to retain their physical licences.

Digital licenses will be available to all South Australians with a learner's permit, provisional license, and full or heavy vehicle licence, though it is not compulsory.

They will also be available for motor vehicle instructors and driver accreditation for taxi, bus, and chauffeur drivers.

"This technology will provide for ready access to licence information and proof of age identification for front line police officers," said Garry Dickie, SA Police director of Information Systems and Technology.

The government also said digital occupational licences for builders, plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, and security and investigation agents are scheduled for release later this year.

Late last year, the New South Wales government made the first wave of its digital licences available through the "My Licences" digital wallet in the Service NSW app, which enables NSW residents to renew their licence and update their details without needing to visit a Service NSW centre.

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