Driving Mobile Security: On Content

Driving Mobile Security: On ContentBy: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.comBy now many have heard the industry news that MyMobiSafe.
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Driving Mobile Security: On Content By: Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

By now many have heard the industry news that MyMobiSafe.com has stopped adding new customers. While this is in fact true, it is not a reflection of our ailing business by any means. As reported, our change has everything to do with driving industry innovation as a small company. It seems to me that what the new strategy of MyMobiSafe is just as much a reflection on the industry of tomorrow as it is a milestone of company history.

The reality of mobile security is that there are some major changes that will have a grave impact on who survives this industry into the future. As so many (MyMobiSafe included) have been focused on the delivery issues inherent in mobile security the content front has continued to face unparalleled issues in the way of malware and piracy. While an industry giant might increase their offerings, we have made a strategic decision to embrace the agility of our small company in this dynamic move forward.

The mobile security industry has become littered with “me too products” touting their superiority which unfortunately is more of a marketing rouse than a software engineering reality. Whether a small company or a multinational corporation, we believe that the emerging face of the industry will be concentrated at the content level opposed to the founding methods which are largely concentrated in delivery.

Our change in direction is not to suggest that handset mobile security solutions are going to be obsolete, however as a smaller company we are forced to migrate in the direction that is driving our business financially. With mobile application developers facing such a security gap in the way of content protections, that is where we feel that MyMobiSafe will continue to make the biggest industry impact. The reality is that the industry is evolving and as we shift gears, we are doing it in a way that will continue to drive mobile security for cell phone users.

Your friend in mobile security,

Eric E

Eric Everson, Founder MyMobiSafe.com

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