Dropbox for Business API to help IT regain control

Dropbox has announced the launch of Dropbox for Business API to help enterprises address complex workload situations such as security and compliance, as well as encouraging collaboration.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

Dropbox has announced that it will be introducing Dropbox for Business API on Wednesday in an aim to support companies faced with complex scenarios such as compliance, security, data loss prevention, and custom workload integration.

As an extension of Dropbox Platform, the API will see the launch of a range of enterprise solutions from an initial 20 partner companies, including CloudLock, Nuix, DocuSign, Splunk, Microsoft, Windows Azure, Dell, Cisco, and SkySync.

According to George O'Brien, Dropbox product manager, these initial integrated solutions will provide companies with two benefits. The first is that it will give IT administrators the ability to install applications into every Dropbox across their enterprise with the click of a button.

The second benefit is that it will alleviate the complexities that IT would often have to face when handling a Dropbox account. For example, if someone leaves the company, the API will give IT the ability to transfer a Dropbox to another user, or if someone loses their laptop, IT will be able to remotely wipe an account.

O'Brien said that Dropbox for Business API will give IT the ability to take control back, and provide an on ramp to allow individuals to transfer their content into an IT managed system.

"I think what's happening with Dropbox is people are choosing tools that they're able to work with effectively ... but they don't necessarily do it in the firewall. They may start on their home laptop, or on their iPad, and so a lot of content is being created by users on different systems they're comfortable with," he said.

"So one of the ways IT is able to take control back is to provide, as opposed to walls to keep stuff in, they need to provide on ramps to bring in content that is originating from somewhere else in."

This is the latest update the company has made to Dropbox for Business. Since being launched in April 2013, Dropbox has made a string of Dropbox for Business announcements, including upgrades around search and sharing controls and security.

Dropbox currently has over 300 million users worldwide, with about 70 percent outside of North America, and a "big chunk" in the Australia and New Zealand region, said Charlie Wood, Dropbox Australia and New Zealand country manager.

Additionally, the company has announced that its Dropbox for Business now services 100,000 companies worldwide. However, the issue in Australia and New Zealand is that not many people are aware of Dropbox for Business, said Wood.

Wood said that being the recently appointed leader of the company's ANZ operation, his role is to educate the region about Dropbox for Business, and he hopes to grow the company's local headcount to 50 to help with that.

"We're going through a market education phase at the moment, and it's really important we take local customers on a journey, but partners as well. This is why I'm here, and I absolutely love this phase of the business where I get to grow a team, grow the business," he said.

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