Dubb’s social phone book crowdsources your contacts

A new app from startup Dubb uses your social networks to share contact details with your connections.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

Startup Dubb intends to break the current contact model by building your contact list from your social network. It is launching a new app in pre beta due December 1st.

dubb screenshot
Image: Dubb

It intends to use crowdsourcing to build your contact list straight from your network. This will keep your contacts up to date and relevant, grouping your contacts in a way that is relevant to you.

It will tap in to your social networks to gain access to friends’ contact information. If you would like to add a new contact, simply make a new request or accept an incoming request.  

Currently compatible for iOS6 and 7, the company plans to roll out Android and Windows versions once iOS has been tested and scaled during the beta program.

It will differ from social network connectors such as Plaxo, Skype and LinkedIn by using crowdsourced contacts to help you discover your network and connect.

For example you might have Alan and Benny in your contact list and I have Charlie and Denise. If we become connected on Dubb my master contact list would show four contacts. 

If I need to get contact details for Alan I can check and see if the contact is part of my network.

As Alan is connected to you then I can request the contact details with one swipe. You get a request notification and get to choose which info, if any from Alan you would like to share. 

It will be easier than calling you to see if you have Alan’s number. If you are concerned with privacy and have certain sensitive contacts that you do not want people to see than you have you can make them private.

If you update Alan’s number, I would get a notification that his contact info has changed and I would be given an option to accept the changes. 

Dubb will be able to leverage my existing network. I could search ZDNet and see if someone in your network has any contacts that work for ZDNet. I could then request their contact details. In LinkedIn you need to request an introduction to new connections.

You do not share contact details without consent or permission. When you join Dubb the contacts that you are currently in possession of are not shared or viewed.

Dubb will allow you to create groups for the enterprise, such as "North West Regional Sales Team". You will be able to add all the members to this team at once, and facilitate one touch communication with them for such things as updates, reports, and requests. 

Neven Zeremski, founder and CEO of Dubb believes that the app offers a “great enterprise tool for corporations to help their employees stay connected while also building and maintaining relationships with their clients”.

“If an employee moves offices, or is relocated to a separate division, they may change e-mail, phone number or physical address.

Those connected to the employee will be able to stay up to date with new information and not lose touch. This can help maintain client relationships and save time in the communication process.

In addition employees can search their work network from their phone for in-company contacts that they may need to reach, and easily source the relevant contacts.” 

For those of us that constantly update their contact details — and do not use LinkedIn's CRM features to its full capabilities — Dubb could be very useful indeed. 

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