Dynamic Management of Physical and Virtual Machines

Is it possible to move physical machine virtually without re-patching your network cabling?
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Hi, My name is Manish Mudgal from HP and today we will be talking about Dynamic Management of Physical and Virtual Machines.

The typical challenges that we normally face in a data center are that as our business grow, we keep adding new servers and that leads to server sprawl.

And more often than not, those servers are grossly underutilized.

And even while being underutilized, those servers normally will take up precious power and cooling resources in our data center.

And even if we do try to consolidate, consolidation normally ends up being extremely time-consuming and risky.

And even after consolidation, we are saddled with assets which are inflexible, which do not necessarily respond to our business requirements at the agility that we do want them to be.

Now let's see how Insight Dynamics VSE, a virtualization management software from HP, can help address some of these challenges in the data center.

What we actually need is a tool which allows us to measure the current resource requirement of our workloads and even what they are going to be in the future.

So then when we want to consolidate, it tells us with confidence what's the best platform for consolidation.

For example, Insight Dynamics VSE allows us to measure the current resource requirements of our servers and predict what it will be in the future.

And it tells us with a 5-star rating, what is the best platform to do that consolidation on. So that it takes the guesswork out of the consolidation process.

The consolidation process which would normally take months takes a few minutes. And you are assured that your resource requirements or resources are utilized to the fullest extent today and in the future.

And now after consolidation, you have physical and virtual machines in your infrastructure.

All of us know it is very easy to manipulate virtual machines, create, start, stop, or move virtual machines across platforms with a simple drag and drop.

But with physical machines, it's not that easy because it is tied to the LAN and SAN connections.

Insight Dynamics introduces a concept of logical servers which allows you to manage the physical machines just like your virtual machines.

You can create, you can deploy virtual machines or physical machines, just like a drag and drop. And when you want to move physical machines across platforms, LAN and SAN connections move automatically without any manual interventions.

So Insight Dynamics brings the flexibility of virtual machines down to the physical platform.

It actually allows you to dynamically manage your physical and virtual machines from the same unified management platform or console, be it VMWare, Microsoft, Citrix, your ProLiant physical machines, or your Integrity physical machines and VMs.

You can manage all of them from the same single console.

So now we have the ability to do continuous consolidation of our infrastructure so that our resources are used to their optimal level.

Today and in the future, we have the flexibility of virtual machines down to physical servers, and we are able to manage all of these from the same single unified management console.

This is Manish Mudgal. Thank you for watching.

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