dynaTrace version 4

dynaTrace 4 adds user experience and business transaction management to an already strong application performance management product.
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

dynaTrace Compuware logoJohn Van Sicien, dynaTrace President, stopped by to discuss the improvements found in dynatrace version 4 and a bit about how dynaTrace is doing now that it is part of Compuware. In short, John believes that the combination of the two companies has enabled dynaTrace to offer an even more comprehensive set of performance management tools.

What's new in dynaTrace version 4

dynaTrace version 4 combines application performance management with user experience management, that is the ability for IT administrators to gain a view into the entire end-to-end performance of applications. This means that dynaTrace can now follow everything from the initial click on the Browser back through the entire stack of sofware that makes up a complete application.

dynaTrace then charts the performance of the entire business transaction to allow IT staff to quickly learn what is happening and where. This way it is possible to identify the root cause for an application performance issue or outage.

Doing this without imposing undue overhead is another part of the dynaTrace story.

Snapshot analysis

Modern applications are often made up of one or more instances of software at each of the following tiers: a web server, an application server, a database server and storage servers. Each of the tiers of software is quite likely to have been developed by a different supplier and is very likely to be executing on a different physical, virtual or cloud-based system. The systems may be from several different suppliers and might be built upon entirely different hardware architectures.

The environment is quite complex and finding out the performance of each layer of software can be quite challenging. dynaTrace has been working on offering traffic analysis; detecting errors, service-level breaches, tenant identification, and user roles; system utilization and application dependencies.

Real-time monitoring is a key value add to a business transaction environment and that is one of the company's strengths. The company supports environments containing elements such as Web, Java, Microsoft's .NET, and even Mainframes. If this describes your organization's environment, it would be good to get to know dynaTrace. Ask to see a demonstration to experience this for yourself!

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