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Easily switch to standing while you work with this desk converter that's on sale

It doesn't have to be either/or, you actually benefit most when alternating between sitting and standing. Now you can switch more easily.

Studies are starting to show that a hybrid model of working and going to school may be the new normal that is here to stay. So you may want to start trying to make your home workspace as ergonomic as possible, in order to promote healthier work habits. Adding the Ergomaker 32-inch Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter would be a major step in the right direction for a number of reasons. 

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There are multiple health benefits for the body when you switch between sitting and standing positions throughout the day, particularly if you are working long hours. Improved posture and increased blood flow are just two of the most important. Of course, you must be able to do so comfortably, and you can achieve exactly the comfort level you desire with the gas spring force & height locking mechanism on the Ergomaker desk.

It is also easy to install and use. It just sits on top of the desk you are currently using, no other installment measures required. The Ergomaker's counterbalance tension simply adjusts to the weight of your desk, including everything on it. The dual-tier design provides a spacious 32-inch upper surface for a display or laptop, as well as a roomy 26.5-inch lower surface for your keyboard and mouse. The height can easily be adjusted from 5.3 inches to 20.5 inches.

Now you can easily switch between sitting and standing all day long with this highly recommended addition. It is Amazon's choice in its category, and buyers of the Ergomaker Standing Desk Converter have given it a very impressive rating on the platform of 4.7 stars out of 5.

Don't miss this chance to make your workplace more ergonomic. Get the Ergomaker 32-inch Wide Adjustable Height Standing Desk Converter today, while you can save 9% off the $149 MSRP and pay only $134.99.

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