East Anglia: one hacked U.S. scientist is hacked off

ONe hacked scientist is hacked off seeing his emails online.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

One American climate scientist says the hacked documents from the University of East Anglia are being used for propaganda, that only those hurting global warming scientists were released. The scientist found over 100 of his own emails posted online and said he was appalled. He went on to say the emails were posted out of context and some stolen material was not released.

The scientist also pointed out that the Copenhagen climate conference begins in two weeks.

Meanwhile global warming skeptics are having a fine time. The "Daily Mail" has this column on the stolen emails "...now come these leaked emails showing that the very scientists who were responsible for championing the hockey stick - all at the heart of the IPCC establishment - have been regularly discussing how the evidence could be manipulated to promote their cause." A right-wing American paper claims, "A partial review of the hacked material suggests there was an effort at East Anglia, which houses an important center of global climate research, to shut out dissenters and their points of view."

Clearly this is going to be grist for much future name-calling and fear mongering. Is global warming threatening the future of civilization or is it just the figment of a global warming conspiracy?

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