EasyBib goes freemium!

EasyBib is one of those freemium websites that just might be worth upgrading from free to premium. For anyone who needs to create works cited pages frequently, it's just too easy not to use.
Written by Christopher Dawson, Contributor

For any of you who haven't already found EasyBib, it's a must-have site on your list of bookmarks. I hate writing works cited or bibliography pages. I mean I really despise it. That's half the reason I blog: Need to cite something? Link it and you're done.

Where does punctuation go? What if I'm missing bits of information about a citation? What are the difference between MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, and APA references? They're just plain tedious busy work when the whole point is to share your thoughts on a subject and make sure that people can find out the facts and sources behind those thoughts.

EasyBib.com handles all of that and makes the creation of a works cited page so incredibly easy that there is no longer any excuse for students not to create them. While EasyBib used to allow you to create your bibliographies in any of the three major styles, it's now using a "freemium" model in which you need to pay for any style other than MLA. Fortunately, an awful lot of folks use MLA, especially at the secondary level. However, for only $15 a year, students and researchers just might find this to be an invaluable tool.

The formatting, of course, is quite useful, but the Autocite feature is the best. Enter an ISBN or website, click Autocite, and Presto! You have a customizable citation. The interface is clean and intuitive and all of your citations are organized into a works cited page as you go that can easily be pasted into a document. Your bibliographies can even be shared via Twitter and Facebook.

This is definitely one of those tools that should be added to your back-to-school toolkit.

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