Ebook readers and the iPad dominated my 2010 posts

Ebook readers, primarily the Nook, dominated Matthew's 2010 posts, but check out what else was popular.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Last year you can see that ebook readers dominated The Mobile Gadgeteer and at the end of that summary article I stated I thought ebook readers would be even more popular in 2010. As you can see in my list below, the prediction proved to be correct with Apple's iOS products taking most of the other top posts (based on page views). Take a walk down the path of 2010 and relive some of those moments.

One thing I wanted to note before you check through the list is that the number one post below actually had 10 times the page views over the 2nd most popular post. This shows me that people are very interested in getting work done on these consumer-oriented tablet form factor devices. Here are the top 10 most viewed posts for my writing on The Mobile Gadgeteer in 2010:

  1. iPad Office app showdown: Four apps to help you get work done
  2. Review: The Apple iPod touch brings many iPhone 4 features without the carrier
  3. Back to School Guide 2010: Ebook readers
  4. Engadget's Dell Streak review, is it more appealing than the HTC EVO 4G?
  5. Your Kindle can't do this, local library ebooks now available on the Sony Reader (2009 post)
  6. Is Apple's new iPod nano the perfect geek watch?
  7. B&N Nook beats Amazon Kindle & Sony Reader, here's why (2009 post)
  8. Is Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite the new top dog in iPad Office apps?
  9. Hands-on with the B&N Nook Color; an excellent color ebook reader
  10. iPad Experience: Can the iPad replace ebook readers?

Next year I predict we will see many more articles covering tablet devices running Android, iOS, webOS, and RIM's new QNX operating systems. 2011 should be the year of the tablet with continued interest in ebook readers, particularly the Nook Color, that are showing signs of having the best Christmas ever this year.

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