Eco-crooks and endangered rivers

Eco-fugitives are being actively sought by the E.P.
Written by Harry Fuller, Contributor

Eco-fugitives are being actively sought by the E.P.A. Here's where you can find the list of the enforcement agency's Most Wanted Fugitives. Some of the crimes involved: issung phoney asbestos clean-up credentials, dumping oil-soaked grain in to the ocean, illegally piping industrial waste directly into a creek, killing 110 airline passengers when illegally shipped oxygen cannisters burned up the plane.

DYING RIVERS Here's one group's list of ten most endangered rivers in America. Top on the list is the Sacramento and San Joaquin River system in California. It's used by twenty-five million Californians and millions of acres of farmland in the country's most populous state and largest agriculture producer. Other rivers on the list range from Alaska to South Carolina and Georgia.

So the Internet allows the EPA to let the world know who's most wanted for eco-crimes. Why can't they get those guys extradicted from other lands? And there's huge greentech upside in the smaft "weater grid," water conservation and water monitoring. Tha'll help the rivers.

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