Elago G5 Slim Fit case protects the Galaxy S III in style for just $10

I don't like adding much bulk to my smartphones with a case, but I also appreciate a case that helps me hold and use my phone. The Elago G5 Slim Fit case is available in a variety of colors and you will barely notice it is even on.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The Samsung Galaxy S III is my preferred device on T-Mobile and I do like the looks of the blue model. However, the back is very slippery so I was looking for something that would add very little to the width or thickness while adding some grip and maybe some color. My buddy Hector sent me a link to the Elago G5 Slim Fit case for the Galaxy S III in my favorite color, orange. With the blue Galaxy S III and orange case, I now have my college football colors (US Coast Guard Academy). You can check out photos of the case on my Galaxy S III in my image gallery.

The Elago G5 Slim Fit case is available in a wide variety of colors, including orange, jean, pink, yellow, blue, gray, and more. I took the case/shell out of the simple package and then placed the right side of my GSIII into the shell followed by snapping in the left side. The case fits extremely well with a snug fit so it won't fall off, but it is still easy enough to pry off by working from one side to the other.

The Elago G5 Slim Fit case protects the sides and the four corners with the top and bottom open for full access to ports on your Galaxy S III. It is notched a bit on top for the 3.5mm headset jack and has openings for the power and volume buttons. There are openings on the back for the flash, camera lens, and speaker and the case has no impact on the ability to take good photos. Another benefit of having a simple shell case like this is that the camera now has a bit more protection around the lens so the glass over the camera should not get scratched either.

The case fits like a glove with perfect fit up to all openings and buttons. It has a soft touch outside so my GSIII slides far less than it did before with the Pebble Blue cover itself resting on a table or chair. The case is made in Korea and uses toxic free chemicals in the plastic. It really seems like there is no case at all on my smartphone, but I now get some grip and added good looks. I am actually so pleased with the case that I am thinking of buying more in different colors to change things up from time to time. This truly is a case you can't go wrong with and I highly recommend it.

The retail price of this case on Amazon is JUST $9.99 in the Eco pack while the full price at the Elago store is $24.99 for the full retail packaging. The Eco pack means it comes in a simple plastic package with nothing too fancy, but it is just a simple shell so no extensive packaging is needed. It has been a long time since I only spent $10 for a great case and could not be happier. There are a ton of accessories for the Galaxy S III and I hope my recommendation helps you as you seek out a case for your device.

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