Election 07: Coonan vs Conroy

With only weeks to go to the election, how are the main parties shaping up on their tech promises?
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Coonan vs Conroy debate: Australian Election 2007

With only weeks to go to the election, ZDNet Australia looks back on the two main parties' ICT promises, soundbites and faux pas. From broadband to ICT jobs, here are the highlights from the campaign trail so far

Coonan v Conroy: Submit your broadband election questions

Coalition Communications Minister Helen Coonan and Labor communications spokesperson Stephen Conroy are going head-to-head in a televised debate this week -- and ZDNet Australia wants you to ask them the burning election questions you want answered.

Labor or Liberal, it's Telstra's election

If there was ever evidence that the stoush over broadband had gotten personal, it came when Telstra's sour-grapes mentality led it to sue Helen Coonan, personally, for claimed procedural flaws in the OPEL contract.

Coalition ranked worst for privacy in election run-up

The Coalition has been rated bottom among the major parties on commitment to privacy issues, according to a report released by the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF).

JobWatch: Election, what election?

Demand for permanent IT staff continues to grow, bucking the expected dip in demand for new staff in the run up to the federal election.

Family First election candidate ditched over porn e-mail

Family First has expelled one of its election candidates over a pornography scandal.

ALP laptop rebate to bridge tech divide?

Opposition leader Kevin Rudd has announced Labor's plans to "bridge the digital divide" between rich and poor but some are already questioning how much the scheme will help the non tech-savvy.

Online campaigning beats broadcast blackout

Political parties are expected to use the Internet to blast home their final election messages, as the Web is immune to ACMA's pre-election propaganda ban.

Govt continues attack on Labor broadband

Federal Communications Minister Helen Coonan has continued her attacks on Labor's broadband plans, labelling them a failure from which many people will miss out altogether on service.

Access Card killed off by election?

The upcoming election could prove a fatal blow to the government's Access Card plans, with privacy advocates encouraging a voter rebellion on the issue and Labor promising to drop the project if elected to government.

Labor fires first tech shots in official election fight

On the first official day of the federal election campaign, Labor has placed IT at the centre of its agenda for growth, issuing a challenge to the Coalition on broadband and procurement.

Skills crisis, what skills crisis?: Coonan

Senior politicians have warned that Australia is heading for an ICT skills crisis with the country's students outpacing their teachers in their knowledge of technology.

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