Election Day SuperPoll: share your opinion!

Hopefully, we'll be able to get a good, clear picture of how you feel about the issues.

Welcome to Election Day in the United States. Today is the culmination of the biennial craziness that determines who leads our nation for the next two years.

Since nothing is more govern-minty than polls, we've decided to share our own series of polls with you. While these are clearly not scientific, please answer as honestly as you can and, hopefully, we'll be able to get a good, clear picture of how you feel about the issues.

How did you vote today?

First up, let's learn about today's choices. Later, we'll ask you about how you feel overall.

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Is America better off now than in 2008?

How are we, as a nation, doing now as compared to 2008?

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Are you better off individually now than in 2008?

How about you, individually? Are you better off?

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What is your job situation?

Are you employed?

[poll id="59"]

Performance over the last two years

How have the politicians done over the last two years?

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[poll id="61"]

[poll id="62"]

How do you feel about the next two years?

Now that you've voted (or plan to vote), how do you feel about where we stand between now and 2012?

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Should the health care act be...

What do you think about the health care legislation Congress passed?

[poll id="57"]

Which party is best for tech?

Based on what you've seen from both parties, which is best for tech on issues ranging from digital rights to net neutrality?

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Who do you miss most?

Finally, getting nostalgic, who do you miss most?

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