Electronic pillbox sends email reminders

A wirelessly-enabled pillbox sends email and text message alerts when it's time to take a medication.
Written by Sarah Korones, Contributor

Remembering to take multiple medications everyday is easier said than done, especially for the elderly or those who have long-term illnesses. With this in mind, developers in San Francisco have designed a pillbox that simply won’t let you or a loved one forget an important dose.

The MedFolio Electronic Pillbox organizes medications by date and time, allowing users to track their pills for both the current week and the one ahead. Each section also has an LED light that glows to indicate when its time to take the medication. Once the pill has been taken, the light goes off.

In addition to the LED light indicator, the Medfolio Pillbox also sends audio alarms and email or text message alerts to remind users that it’s time to take their meds.

The company will soon launch a wireless version of the device, allowing pill-takers to share data over a home network. Once the information has been synced to a server, authorized users will be able to check in and see when the pills are being taken, Mashable reports.

The hope is that the wireless device would allow concerned family members to check in on their loved ones, making sure they’re not missing their medications.

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Image: Medfolio Pillbox

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