Emblaze loses money but wins licence

It's swings and roundabouts for video pioneers...
Written by John Oates, Contributor

It's swings and roundabouts for video pioneers...

Mobile streaming company Emblaze said increased spending on research and development had pushed it into the red. Emblaze, formerly Geo Interactive, lost $6.2m for the six months ended 30 June compared to a profit of $3.9m for the same period a year ago. Eli Reifman, chief executive of Emblaze, told the FT: "This is a matter of choice. We could have continued to be profitable but we made a conscious decision to increase investment." Emblaze also announced a deal with Italian mobile operator Wind. The telco, which claims 20 million customers, will license Emblaze technology for its GPRS network. The video email and video-on-demand services are aimed at corporate users and what the Emblaze website describes as "young techno-fun consumers". For related news and video see:
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