EMC beefs up data protection portfolio

EMC's updated data protection strategy focuses on protecting data during backups and disaster recovery operations.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

EMC, along with its children VMware and the Pivotal Initiative, has been busy pumping out plenty of new schemes designed to crunch and analyze big data, primarily based on Hadoop deployments.

This week, the cloud company is trotting out a score of new products designed to protect data from both accidents as well as malicious elements.

Those scenarios run the gamut from potential problems encountered during data backups to disaster recovery.

Here's a rundown on the new data protection strategy:

  • Microsoft Active Directory integration: Reduces redundancy in user account creation while boosting self-service operations. EMC promises this will reduce total cost of ownership figures.
  • VMware tie-ins: VM Instant Access enables a virtual machine to be booted from an EMC Data Domain storage system to be running within two minutes. Admins can also use the VMware vSphere web client to manage the EMC Avamar 7 backup and recovery suite.
  • Midrange data domain systems: Store up to 540 data streams. EMC is boasting a lot of improvements on these appliances from previous generations, touting they are four times faster and 10 times more scalable while offering up to 38 percent in savings when it comes to cost per gigabyte.
  • EMC NetWorker 8.1: This version of the enterprise data protection software includes a new wizard user interface and auto-discovery features while being upgraded to support 50 percent faster backups and 2.5 times faster restores.

The new EMC data protection products are scheduled to roll out for general availability during the third quarter of calendar year 2013.

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