Enemies access war intelligence via iPhone

Australia's chief technology officer for the Department of Defence has said enemies in Afghanistan are accessing information 'much faster'
Written by Ben Grubb, Contributor

Australian Department of Defence chief technology officer Matt Yannopoilos today said defence was being beaten in Afghanistan by enemies accessing information quickly via iPhones.

At the Australian Computer Society (ACS) Canberra Branch conference this morning, Yannopoilos said "bad guys" in the war-torn country were making better use of available data by "using iPhones and applications — and multiple SIM cards — and going much faster than we are", despite the fact that the government had more intelligence at its fingertips.

Yannopoilos hoped in the future to be able to develop applications quickly to fit defence needs, pointing out that while creating an iPhone application might take two weeks, developing a defence application can take two years.

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