EnergyCAP moves toward the mass market

A Fortune 1000 energy management software maker EnergyCAP is moving toward the mass market.
Written by David Worthington, Contributor

A lot has changed over the 30 years energy management software maker EnergyCAP has been in business. Its customers were once exclusively big organizations; now, it is now preparing to serve up a cloud-based solution for colleges, towns, and small businesses.

EnergyCAP Express is a full version of the company’s flagship product intended for smaller organizations that do no have robust IT resources, said marketing director Chris Heinz. “It was not affordable before,” he acknowledged.

The cloud service imports utility data, and then provides analysis. Customers can determine whether one facility is using more energy than another, and then triage the outlier(s). Data can be submitted to the Energy Star Portfolio Management program.

EnergyCAP also integrates with accounting systems to reconcile utility costs before bills are paid, and can track greenhouse gas emissions. Customers can then set an agenda for their energy expenses, or meet state and local requirements, Heinz explained.

“Even governments haven’t done a good job of understanding what they own, and what bills they are paying,” he said. “They could be paying an estimated rate for an abandoned facility instead of paying for actual usage.”

The company hosts a free Web service for homes and small businesses called GreenQuest, which produces reports on energy consumption and determines carbon footprints.

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