Enterprise IT's trust level of Google will increase

Enterprises are more than just interested in Google--they are ready to move on, especially as e-mail moves to cloud.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

ZDNet Asia's sister site TechRepublic’s CIO Jury finds that IT leaders trust Microsoft more than Google as a technology partner, but tune in next year.

So why do I expect Google’s standing to look better next year? Last week, I was at the Gartner IT Symposium and you couldn’t escape chatter about Google and what it may be able to do for the enterprise. And here’s what caught my attention: The audience--not the analysts--were yapping about Google in the enterprise,

Rest assured, that skepticism abounds about Google. That’s natural--and actually quite healthy. But this is the second consecutive year that Google has been on the enterprise IT radar. In 2008, tech execs were more curious about Google than anything. Anyone arguing that Google was about to take over the enterprise in 2008 was smoking hype. This year there was more curiosity, but also a lot of interest in returns and logistics. Simply put, enterprises are more than curious--they’re ready to move.

Now Google isn’t going to run any large enterprise whole hog, but I’m confident that the search giant will get its share--especially as e-mail moves to the cloud. It’s increasingly hard to justify running your own e-mail and at US$50 a user a year, Google’s price is a bit hard to beat.

Of course, IBM sees the same thing and has its own enterprise e-mail in the cloud service for less than Google will charge (assuming you don’t need a lot of storage).

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