Envisioning what the future of cities will look like

What will the future of cities look like? Super-connected, smart and much more flexible.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

What will the future of cities look like?

For starters, a lot like a computer screen. As mobile technology better leverages the data around us to impact what we do immediately, on the go, we'll be altering the world around us, connecting objects, people and places to a centralized system.

On your person, the smartphone will be the hub, syncing and updating and functioning as your mobile information terminal and key to a smart world, tracking the people you know and the places you go.

Static objects will get smarter. A park bench might warm in cold months and cool in warmer ones, improving quality of life. Trash cans will know and sort what's being placed in them, improving waste management.

Your workspaces will get smarter. They won't be tethered to power plugs, they'll get better sunlight and they'll sync with everything else.

Sound good? That's what Infrastructure US magazine imagines in their latest infographic.

We're getting closer, too.

Location-aware smartphones are already discovering where your friends and family are at each moment.

Wireless broadband Internet and wireless induction charging help us stay powered in a more natural way.

Heads-up displays and other types of augmented reality improve upon the world we live in.

Touchscreen PCs allow more natural interaction with computers.

What do you think is next?

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