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Episode 130 PowerPage Podcast has been uploaded, listen to Tom and Jason riff on the new MacBook Pro
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

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Episode 131 of the PowerPage Podcast is now available. You can either download it from the iTunes Store or directly (19 MB, AAC). This week we're staying with AAC encoding in order to keep the file size under the 20GB cap for OTA downloading on the iPad/iPod/iPhone.

Panel: Jason O'Grady and Tom Hesser

Topics: This week we riff on the brand-new MacBook Pros, the return of Web apps, developer upgrade policies for apps, iPad and iPhone 4 bits and pieces and we play "What's on your Mac."

Here's what's on our iPads this week:


  • AirHarp ($2) - Turns the iPad into a classic lap harp with 2 octaves (15 strings). Included sheet music make it easy to play eight songs. One of my daughter's favorites.
  • StarWalk ($5) - Amazing astronomy app that displays constellations in the sky as you point your iPad at them. This personal planetarium is one of my top 5. (also Solar Walk $3 which is iPhone-only but coming soon to the iPad)
  • ScoreCenter XL ($5) - ESPN's sports companion app includes video highlights, live play-by-play and box scores for most sports.
  • PBA Bowling 2 ($3) - 3D bowling game that includes tournaments, online high scores, and unlockable custom bowling balls.


  • iCab Mobile ($2) - Third-party Web browser for iPhone and iPad.
  • Camera for iPad ($1) - Add a virtual camera to the iPad and capture images from iPhone camera.

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