Episode 132: PowerPage Podcast

PowerPage Podcast Episode 132, which is mostly about the iPhone 4 leak, has been posted.
Written by Jason D. O'Grady, Contributor

Episode 132 of the PowerPage Podcast is now available. You can either download it from the iTunes Store or directly (16.4 MB, AAC). This week we're staying with AAC encoding format in order to keep the file size under the 20GB cap for OTA downloading on the iPad/iPod/iPhone.

Panel: Jason O'Grady, Rob Parker and Tom Hesser.

Topics: This week we review the leak of the century, an Apple engineer's loss of an iPhone 4 prototype in a northern California bar. We discuss everything we've learned from this epic leak and play "What's on your Mac?"

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Here's what's on our Macs this week:

Jason (some of my favorite iPad DJ mixing apps)

  • Baby Decks ($25, App Store) - A fully portable two-deck DJ rig for iPadwith cross fader, pitch adjust, transformer button and track upload. (Demo video).
  • Tremor ($20, App Store) - This iPad mixer has up to four DJ turntables for mixing your MP3’s. Its best feature is that you can use an Internet stream as an input. (Demo video).
  • Sonorasaurus Rex for iPad ($13, App Store) - Mix two tracks with dedicated effects modules with reverb, flange, distortion, tremelo, echo and high pass. The iPad version adds beat-highlighted waveforms and BPM tapper for easy BPM calculation. (Demo video).
  • Looptastic HD ($10, App Store) - This remixing app comes with a huge selection of loops that you can mix with your own beats also comes with powerful sound manipulation tools. (Demo video).
  • Groovemaker (Free and $10, App Store) - 8-Track iPad mixer app with large slider controls for volume, pan and master level. Each track has adjustable tempo, solo, mute, etc. Available in house, hip-hop drum n bass.


  • Vector Magic ($7.95/month) - Online service that converts bitmap graphics to vector images.


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