Epson joins Zip parade

Epson UK has begun manufacturing and sales of Zip drives under licence from Iomega, giving another boost to the hot-selling 100Mb storage standard.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The Japanese giant's ZIP-100 is identical to the Iomega version except for the different colour and badge. It goes on sale immediately at a £179 list price, distributed by Dynamic Distribution.

Iomega is expected to release a 200Mb version of the Zip late next year.


Iomega can seemingly do no wrong, and who would bet against it making Zip the super-floppy standard? This is just the latest in a series of licensing deals that will see Zip cartridges appear under various company brand names and pre-installed in a vast range of PCs this year. Syquest seems to have given up on a direct battle; the 120Mb LS-120 camp's design is more expensive to manufacture and is too closely identified with Compaq for some OEMs' comfort. Look out for similar deals from a host of hefty concerns.

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