Equinix partners with NetApp to alleviate AWS data privacy concerns

The datacentre provider is offering NetApp private storage for Amazon Web Services, and hopes it will encourage Australian companies with data privacy fears to adopt cloud services.
Written by Spandas Lui, Contributor

Equinix has teamed up with NetApp to provide secure storage for customers that are looking to move into the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS), something the datacentre provider thinks will be appealing to Australian enterprises.

Equinix already offers AWS Direct Connect in a select number of its datacentres, where, as the name suggests, customers can plug their existing IT infrastructure directly into the AWS environment through a private optic fibre connection.

The NetApp private storage for AWS at Equinix means customers that are keen to adopt a hybrid cloud model can take advantage of the scale and flexibility offered by AWS, while still maintaining control of their data. This is something that Equinix's director of cloud, IT, and enterprise for Asia-Pacific Eric Hui believes will be attractive to Australian customers.

"In the Australian market, we see a lot of concerns around data privacy when it comes to public clouds," he told ZDNet. Indeed, there has been a lot of talk about data sovereignty issues in the local IT space, which, some believe, hinders local cloud adoption rates.

While Australia is a risk-averse market, many businesses are open to adopting cloud but have yet to do so, Hui said. With the new NetApp offering, Equinix hopes to provide Australian customers with peace of mind when moving into the cloud, Hui said.

The new NetApp offering from Equinix will hopefully drive more cloud services take-up in Australia, according to Hui.

He said the company is already in talks with a number of potential clients that are very keen on the new offering.

AWS Direct Connect is only available at Equinix International Business Exchange datacentres around the world.

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