Equinix to roll out Bloom Energy fuel cells across more data centers

Equinix's IBX data centers will get more of their power from Bloom Energy fuel cells in a wide deployment that'll cover a dozen facilities.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Bloom Energy systems.

Equinix said that it will widely deploy fuel cells to help power its co-location data centers as it expands a pilot with Bloom Energy and Southern Company.

The company said that it will install Bloom Energy fuel cells at seven International Business Exchange data centers in Silicon Valley, three in New York and two in Los Angeles. Equinix started a pilot at one of its Silicon Valley data centers in 2015. Overall, Equinix will deploy Bloom Energy fuel cells in a dozen of its data centers.

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Bloom Energy fuel cells generate electricity via a proprietary clean electrochemical process that results in water and a small amount of carbon dioxide as by-products. Bloom Energy counts FedEx, Walmart, Google, Apple, eBay and a bevy of others as customers.

According to Equinix, the project will provide 37 megawatts of power. The installation will run through late 2017 through 2019. Bloom Energy fuel cells are also deployed at two Verizon data centers recently acquired by Equinix.

As for the financial details, Equinix signed a 15-year power purchase agreement with Southern Company, which is a Bloom Energy partner. Equinix also has wind energy purchase agreements.


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