Equitable gets into e-commerce

Equitable CardNetwork, Inc., the largest payment service provider and credit card networking company, has intensified its efforts to meet the growing challenges of providing value-added services.
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Equitable CardNetwork, Inc., the largest payment service provider and credit card networking company, has intensified its efforts to meet the growing challenges of providing value-added services to strengthen its relations with its cardholders, merchants, and the community in general.

PHILIPPINES (Manila Bulletin) - According to Equitable Card’s technical adviser to the president, Brinda Dayal Prakash, more and more companies are now developing solutions to allow them to offer payment services that traditionally belong to the domain of the banking industry.

Prakash assesses technology developments around the world and advises top management on how it can take advantage of these changes. She anticipates the direction of the banking sector and develops technology strategies that Equitable Card can translate to extra value for its merchants, clients, and cardholders.

The company relies on the sheer computing, data processing and data storage power of leading-edge technology to deliver constantly improved services.

Prakash said, “We have to be aggressive about providing new value-added services to remain competitive. When it’s so easy for a cardholder to change to another card that offers more conveniences, Equitable Card must constantly invest on technology upgrades to stay ahead.”

Internet-based payments are increasing in proportion, especially among young professionals, so Equitable Card made add-on conveniences on its Web site.

These features include banking services (VISA and MASTERCARD ATM locators), hyperlinks to news Web sites, to the online Yellow Pages and a building locator. The Equitable Card Web site had also integrated an e-commerce platform so that customers can purchase airline and ferry tickets, order pizza, purchase flowers, do online shopping, and query movie schedules.

And in response to this movement of technology, Equitable Card answers with hi-tech and secure support. Equitable Card largely uses IBM technology for its software and hardware infrastructure.

The primary factors for Equitable Card to consider and as well as recommend IBM to its merchants include easy interconnectivity; heavy investment in research and development; excellent after-sales service; and cost-effective solutions. These merchants are engaged in travel, utility services, food, telecommunications, and retail/shopping businesses.

Content Manager OnDemand on DB2 facilitates the storage, management, and distribution of all types of digital business content into a powerful database management system platform to produce intelligent e-business solutions.

Security is also a big concern of Equitable Card. The RS/6000 Firewall solution, a hub of Equitable Card online, gatekeeps the interface of the company’s internal system from the outside world. It is a reliable, scaleable, UNIX server that protects Internet and ATM communications and transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Equitable Card keeps on moving as new technology evolves. It is a challenge to keep abreast with the latest technology and come up with unique value-added services based on the needs and convenience of our credit card holders,” Prakash said. “And because IBM continuously invests in R & D, we are assured that it will always develop and provide for us the solutions we need for growth over the years.”

Equitable Card has successfully initiated the first online payment services in the country. This service allows Equitable cardholders an advantage over others because they have an option to view their credit card statements and settle billings on the Internet.

Today, Equitable Card, Inc. is aggressively marketing its PIN-free, debit card called Equitable PCI Bank Visa Electron Card, which allows purchase transactions by deducting the amounts straight from an Equitable PCI Bank savings or current account, which could either be in pesos or dollars.

In line with the increasing influence of e-commerce on the future business environment, the Equitable PCI Bank Visa electron Card was conceived. This card is not only meant to benefit consumers but also to help raise confidence in online businesses.

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