Ericsson does m-commerce with Broadvision

Ericsson ties up with Broadvision to develop personalized content over their mobile portal
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor
SINGAPORE, 27 July 2000 - Mobile systems and applications provider Ericsson has decided to go with BroadVision as part of their mobile portals solution.

BroadVision's application software will enable portal customers to create profile-based content and transaction services. Ericsson will also bundle Broadvision software with G3 network equipment for m-commerce functionality. In return, BroadVision will garner revenue from annual subscriber fees based on network usage and phone equipment utilization.

"We're totally committed to the wireless Internet future," said Dr Pehong Chen, president, chairman and CEO for BroadVision. "The deal enables Ericsson to offer several BroadVision components as an integrated m-commerce infrastructure to be delivered to wireless carriers."

The portal will provide a common portal for personalized content and services to network operators and service providers. APIs and interfaces will also be provided to third-party enablers.

The personalization will allow users to be channeled to geographically sensitive information, as well as personal preferences based on price, hours of operation and the like. Personalized information filtering will help WAP phone users as the display area is limited in size. Profile-based content provides easier access to information on a user-by-user basis, based on the individual.

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