eStara rings up $48m buyout

ATG brings its chequebook
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

ATG brings its chequebook

Ecommerce software company ATG has announced it's buying Click to Call provider eStara in a $48m deal.

Using eStara's software, web shoppers are able to directly dial or IM customer service representatives which, the company claims, cuts abandoned orders. eStara's customers include Apple and DaimlerChrysler.

According to ATG, which lists Coca-Cola, Nike and Procter & Gamble on its client list, the acquisition will help its users boost loyalty among their own customers and enable sales staff to convert more wavering shoppers into confirmed buyers.

Bob Burke, ATG's president and CEO, said eStara's products "fit perfectly" with the company's strategy of helping consumers to complete purchases.

He added that the deal will help drive ATG's "recurring revenue model".

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