Europe's roaming costs to fall in days: How much can you save?

The price of using data, making and receiving calls, and sending a text message will all drop on 1 July.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Fresh cuts to the cost of roaming in Europe are to come into force in a matter of days.

From 1 July, the amount travellers in the Europe Union will pay for using mobile data or making calls will come down following the new introduction of new price caps.

Mobile data will see the biggest price reduction, with the maximum operators can charge their customers for using 1MB of data while abroad falling by 36 percent year on year to €0.45.

The cost of making calls will come down by 17 percent to €0.17 per minute and receiving them will drop by 12.5 percent to €0.07. Text messages meanwhile will be 11 percent cheaper at €0.08.

Operators will have to trim their prices further by the start of July next year too, bringing 1MB of data to €0.20, a minute of making calls and receiving calls to €0.19 and €0.05 respectively, and sending an SMS to €0.06.

Cutting roaming costs for Europeans using their mobile abroad has long been a hobby horse of the European Commission's digital chief Neelie Kroes, and she has recently begun to put pressure on mobile operators to do away with extra charges entirely.

"The latest price cuts... are a critical step towards getting rid of these premiums once and for all," she said in a statement on Thursday.

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