Evernote Hello and Food apps come to the iPhone and iPod touch

Evernote continues to create apps and services to help enhance our lives and today launched Hello and Food for iOS devices.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

Regular readers know I am a fan of Evernote so I was pleased to hear the news of two new releases today. Evernote released Evernote Hello and Evernote Food, both for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

Evernote Hello: This new application is described in their Evernote blog post and seeks to solve a problem that I have and that is in remembering people I meet. I may be an engineer with a Master's degree and professional engineering license, but I can't remember a person's name five minutes after I first meet them. Evernote Hello helps use a technique that many use and that is to apply context to the meeting so you can better remember people.

Evernote Hello focuses on faces, time, and context and the recommended first step is to hand over your phone and let them capture a self portrait first and if you read the blog post you will see that the app captures four quick photos and animates the face in the Mosaic. The app then creates an encounter that capture the location, time, and date.

All of this is captured and stored and then synced with your Evernote account too.

Evernote Food: This second new application is designed to capture the experiences associated with various meals and is not used for counting calories. Evernote Food helps you capture the meal title, photos associated with the meal, photo captions, venue, notes, and tags. I know when I go to events I often have meals out with people and our family generally goes out for a meal at a restaurant two or three times a month. With Christmas coming up I will be attending several meals where this application may come in handy and intend to try it out.

Like Evernote Hello, the meals in Evernote Food are synced to your Evernote account.

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