Evernote to hire Indian support in Jan 2013

Evernote is hiring a company in India to help with support from January next year, and is in discussions with phonemakers and carriers to integrate the app with devices.
Written by Jamie Yap, Contributor

U.S. note-taking software developer, Evernote, is hiring a company in India starting early January, based out of Noida India by January next year which will be located in the city of Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Evernote has hired the unnamed company to help out with market development including marketing and some customer support, supplementing the work "that Evernote is already doing from other offices as it continues to grow in India", the company said.

Troy Malone, general manager for Evernote Asia-Pacific, said the company is increasing its business and reach, and sees a lot of potential in India where the number of knowledge workers who use Evernote is growing, the Times of India reported Thursday. "We are likely to formally open our India office on Jan. 1," Malone said. India currently has around 700,000 Evernote users, and the number is growing at a rate of about 1,600 daily, he noted. 

He said the company was in talks with various phonemakers and telcos in India to integrate the app with their products. The Indian support company, once online, will offer local support to Evernote users in the country.

It will also focus on the paid enterprise version of the app, called Evernote Business, which was first introduced in the U.S. in August and officially launched this month. In the U.S., the service costs US$10 per user and will soon be available in India, the report said.

Evernote's has four offices in Asia: South Korea, Japan, China, and Taipei. In October last year, Malone told ZDNet Asia in an interview in Singapore that Evernote was considering setting up a regional office in the city-state  but did not divulge further details.

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