Evernote update finally brings reminders, makes service more useful

Evernote is a fantastic cross-platform app, but the lack of reminders was a major missing feature that many users have been requesting. This new update comes to iOS, Mac, and web clients.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I enjoy using Evernote on my various mobile devices, but also use Remember The Milk for task lists since I can setup reminders with my organized lists. Yesterday Evernote released their iOS, Mac, and web update that FINALLY enables reminder functionality.

To setup a reminder on your note, tap the clock icon at the bottom right of your open note. You can also then select a date for the reminder to appear with a slick animation appearing to help you set the time of the reminder. Reminders also appear at the top of your note list.

I especially like the swipe right to mark as done and the swipe left to change the due date options on my iPhone 5. Evernote offers up some examples of reminder notes, including birthday gifts, project planning, packing lists, and doctors orders. I am excited about the reminder functionality and look forward to the rollout on Android and other platforms.

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