Evolution of the enterprise e-business ecosystem

BroadVision CEO reveals how the full potential of the Internet as a business-enabler can be realised to delivermaximum business value with a simple formula.SINGAPORE, 5 July 2000 - Dr Pehong Chen, founder and CEO of BroadVision, Inc.

BroadVision CEO reveals how the full potential of the Internet as a business-enabler can be realised to deliver maximum business value with a simple formula.

SINGAPORE, 5 July 2000 - Dr Pehong Chen, founder and CEO of BroadVision, Inc., a provider of personalised e-business applications, in a visit to Singapore, explained the rudiments of success in today's Internet economy and how they can be applied to businesses in Asia.

"Companies that intend to stay ahead of the competition and thrive in this New World of business driven by the Internet have to see to the development, or rather controlled evolution of the new enterprise e-business ecosystem," said Dr Chen.

"At BroadVision, we sum it up as eB3c, which is like a new chemical compound," said Dr Chen, who describes eB3c as an organic process.

"At the center is the big 'B', which stands for the enterprise itself, from which sprouts connections between itself and its constituencies - the 'e' that stands for its employees, the 'c' for its consumers, and the two smaller 'b's for business partners and customers, as well as, its suppliers, respectively."

"Our job, as well as our business strategy, is to help our customers establish and maintain a complete and sustainable eB3c model," said Dr Chen.

"To establish this thriving ecosystem, an enterprise must maintain strong bonds with and among these constituencies. This is something we have helped our customers do, through the provision of One-To-One Enterprise, which has been our core value proposition of self-service based e-relationship management, or eRM, for more than four years," said Dr Chen.

B2C = BroadVision, B2B = BroadVision
Dr Chen also addressed the popular misconception of BroadVision as a major provider of strictly B2C solutions.

"We are probably best known for our B2C solutions, particularly in the areas of retail commerce, financials and billing management. But - and this is a well-kept secret - we are enabling the B2B activities of nearly 40 per cent of our customers," said Dr Chen.

"Most of our B2B customers - for instance, RS Components, HP, BASF, Sony, Philips, Xerox, GE Supply and TSMC - so far are using our solutions to automate and optimise their demand chains," he added.

"The writing's on the wall. E-business is here to stay, and if you have a good e-business model that promises your customers value and yourself high profitability, your next step is the development, or rather the evolution, of a dynamic enterprise e-business ecosystem based on the eB3c formula," said Dr Chen.

"We can help you do that, and that will ensure you deliver on the promises you make in a big way. They will help you gain new customers as well as retain your existing ones in the long run," he concluded.

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