Ex-Googlers launch Jide Remix "ultra-tablet" with customized Android OS

One of Jide's founders says Android tablets are "terrible" for doing work, so the company created a productivity-based tablet with 11.6-inch screen, detachable keyboard cover, and the Remix OS, which adds Windows-like features to Android.
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

Tablets mostly took a back seat at CES this year, but there were still a few interesting announcements that came from Vegas, including one from a new company called Jide. Founded by some former Google senior engineers, the company introduced its Remix "ultra-tablet" with the promise that it would improve the productivity of those using the Android OS.

In fact, one of its founders is quoted in the company's press release as saying Android tablets "are terrible at getting real work done." Jide has created the Remix experience to improve that work experience, both in its hardware and its software.

Not surprisingly, the Remix resembles Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 in its form factor (11.6-inch display) and design (a detachable keyboard cover that connects to the screen via magnetic connection, built-in kickstand, albeit a dual-angle version like the one on the Surface 2). After all, Microsoft has been marketing the Surface as a laptop replacement (for better or worse) rather than a typical media-consumption tablet. Jide has also modified Android 4.4 for productivity by attempting to bring Windows elements --such as a taskbar and multiple windows for multi-tasking -- to its Remix OS.

In terms of hardware, the Remix offers better-than average specs for an Android tablet (as you might expect), featuring an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, 64GB of built-in storage, and 1,920x1,080 screen resolution. It includes a port for charging your phone from the tablet, thanks in part to the large 8,100 mAh battery.

It shouldn't shock you that the Remix will cost more than a typical Android tablet, though it's far cheaper than the Surface Pro 3. According to ExtremeTech, it will be priced at $450 when it ships in the U.S. sometime this spring.

Do you agree that Android is "terrible" for doing real work? If so, would you consider purchasing the Jide Remix tablet to be more productive? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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