Exciting work venues for the mobile professional

Having the right mobile gear means many can work almost anywhere. Don't spend all of your time in coffee shops, there are exciting places in most large cities to get work done.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor
Houston Museum of Fine Arts
Image credit: Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Mobile gear is being adopted for remote work faster than ever before. This allows many workers to get things done almost anywhere. While the local coffee shop is always a decent place to get busy, in most large cities there are great venues for remote workers that must not be overlooked.


Many cities have vibrant museums that are great ways to spend the day, and they are often good places to spend some valuable work time. I am fortunate to be located in Houston which has an outstanding collection of museums located close together in the appropriately named Museum District.

I can embark on the light rail system a few blocks from home and in comfort arrive shortly in the Museum District with a choice of venues within a couple of blocks.

Many museums have lots of places for visitors to take a break from viewing the exhibits, and these are good places for remote workers to spread out and get some work done. These can be simple rest areas or restaurants where you can get some lunch and work.

My two favorite venues for remote working are the Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts. They are great places to spend the day wandering through the exhibits with work breaks spent throughout the day.

It's important to respect the facilities when working and restrict it to quiet endeavors that don't disturb museum visitors. Not all museums will welcome remote workers but a good way to ensure they do is to become a member.

For as little as $40 annually (in Houston) a membership can be obtained that makes you one of the welcome crowd. Such memberships typically get you free admission along with other perks that can be valuable for special events. They are also a good way to support the efforts of the museum for a small outlay. It doesn't hurt that memberships are tax deductible.

I find that flashing the museum membership card opens the facility for me to work without problem. I am welcomed in and can spend the day as I see fit, including getting some work done in rousing surroundings.

These large museums have venues for grabbing lunch as mentioned, including a great assortment of food trucks at the Museum of Fine Arts. Waffle burgers, fine art, and comfortable work space -- how does it get any better?


Houston Zoo
Image credit: Houston Zoo

Another great way to spend the day while getting some work done is at the local zoo. I love visiting the zoo on days with nice weather and working at one of the outdoor eating areas. My mobile gear means I can spread out anywhere, and what better place to do that but in a great zoo?

In my case it doesn't hurt that the Houston Zoo is also in the Museum District and just a light rail trip away. The $65 annual membership works like those in the museums and provides a year of free admission to the zoo while helping a great organization keep operating.


When you want a change of scenery and a simple work space is all you need the local library is a great place to go. You'll have to be very quiet but so will everyone else so you won't be disturbed. 

An advantage of the library when it comes to remote work space is there is usually no shortage of comfortable working areas. There are often desks and tables throught the library and it's easy to spread out and get to work.

Be considerate

These are some of my favorite places to work remotely, each with its own charm and benefits. While my city of Houston is covered in this article, many cities have some or all of these types of venues.

No matter where you end up working, it is important to be considerate of the venue and other visitors. Loud behavior is simply not to be tolerated if you wish to be allowed to return, so working quietly is an absolute must. Bring headphones to keep the noise down and if you must talk on the phone by all means go outside.

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